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Birth of a Paradroid

Some History

Remember playing that game "Paradroid" by Andrew Braybrook from the Commodore 64 days? Can you, like Jason Nunn, remember getting the tape and putting it into the cassette drive, and waiting for five minutes while the game loaded? (If it loaded at all?) You'd come back to the screen, hopefully to see this:

Screenshot of Commodore Loading Paradroid

You'd then eagerly type in the one word "RUN", and pretty soon, you'd see this screen.

First Paradroid screen - the intro

But this wasn't what you came here to see. Grey screen. Wow. You knew that something good had to happen - after all, this was the game that all of your mates were playing (at least, those that HAD C64s, and weren't at the Spacies arcade instead). So, you either waited, or pressed a joystick button, then you would hear all sorts of strange robotyburbly sounds, and see this on the screen:

The Paradroid Instructions - Game ON!
Remember how hard it was to fight your way up through all the ship levels, only to be picked off by a 615 you didn't quite see early enough?

Anyway, things have progressed a long way since 1985, and in 1997, Jason Nunn (bless 'is little Aussie heart!) wrote a game for X

Based on Andrew Braybrooks Paradroid

that harks back somewhat to those days of 2d scrolling on a 64 colour screen - only somewhat, mind are some more details if you wish a further explanation.

Music by Vincent Voois

With awesome music by Vincent Voois to welcome you to the game, how can you NOT want to play? I play THIS puppy fullscreen... no sense in hiding it away in a small corner of the screen, to possibly be missed. So, now we have it:

NightHawk Credits
I (obviously) applied to sourceforge to continue to host this game, and was approved the same day! Good ON you guys!!!


Okay - news has shifted to here - get the news until I find a better place for it. The other place to look is the sourceforge news.


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