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Birth of a Paradroid
  Is this where you came to find images of this great game? Well, you're in the right spot - almost. At the moment, I intend to create a .deb, which will be unnoficial until I get the sounds created without legal issues. I also intend to create an RPM out of my new 2.3 code. Until then, the only links I have SO far are: The place where all these files are stored will change. I'm putting them into Sourceforge's File Release System, so I can start getting some stats on how many people are actually using them. Information on how to utilise the above two patch files will follow REAL soon... apparently, you cannot use them simultaneously, but we're going to work on that. The Level Continuance patche addresses having to start the game from the first ship when you have died on the seventh ship, for example. The patch means you can then restart the game on the level you died on, a la DooM.

The Cascade-transferrence patch - well, I don't (yet) know much about this patch. I'll advise looking VERY carefully at this patch.

The TODO file and PORTS_INFO I maintain currently can be seen here: TODO file, and Ports Info.

I'll even provide a couple of the tape and disk images that Paradroid (the REAL one) came on - though you'll probably have to have a C64 emulator of some sorts to play these days, unless you've got a way of writing the image back to your ageing C64, sitting in the corner, all unloved for the past fourteen years while you got on with the business of playing games such as DooM, Quake III Team Arena, and Black & White.



Okay - news has shifted to here - get the news until I find a better place for it. The other place to look is the sourceforge news.


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