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6 May 2003 - Released some pictures of us in action

6 May 2003 - Added level, along with instructions of how to integrate it into the current level set.

31 May 2003 - Tidied up some pages, making sure Arial is the default font. Also modified the Create a level webpage so as to add links to jump to different parts of the page.

19 Oct 2003 - planning a small site change here - more news later. I've got armpit deep into LaTeX at the moment, as well as other projects.

20 Jan 2004 - Wow - it really HAS been a long time. Sorry folks. Nothing's happened, so I haven't done anything. Still, I must do SOMEthing, else my project really WILL get taken down as being "inactive".

15 Apr 2004 - Another nip and tuck, pointing to the original web page that Jason Nunn had. It seems the company that used to host his web pages has since dumped his content.

New release - I FINALLY worked out how to get the File Release system working on sourceforge. So - here it is, folks. Nighthawk-2.3. Head to the Files section to go take a look. The original nighthawk-2.2 tarball also appears here, discussion on the forums as per usual.

9 May 2004 - Fixed a "double-firing" programming bloo that I probably made. Also added my working replacement sound files, I've got at least half of them dealt with now, just have the rest to deal with. I've also added a GPL mention to the man page, even though it was displayed clearly in the starting screen.

More news - which you may have seen - 0.9.10 of FreeDroidRPG has been released, and now even includes a Windows port. I managed to get sounds from here to use for sounds in the game.

13 June 2004 - Folks - I forgot the best news of all - Night-hawk Gray Light has arrived (3.0.0) - it needs a lot of work and further details are on the forums section of the website. Best news is: it uses OpenGL, sad news is: no sound.

3 Aug 2005 - Again, it's been a loooooong time since the last update. However, I do have a little news to tell. I've imported the nighthawk-2.3 project into Eclipse IDE, and I'll probably import Gray Light as well. Another thing: I've had a couple of little bugs reported due to exposure by another player. It seems the score doesn't get reset if the player exit's the level (gets killed), and when the demo runs, the score keeps getting incremented. And way back in January, I noted that details in the "Computer Terminal" screens weren't always correct.

Anyhow, that's the news for the moment. I intend seeing if the project will compile on my Mandriva LE2005 box, and my FreeBSD-4.10 and Knoppix boxes. Update - it doesn't, at least on LE2005.

23 April 2006 - Well, I've just tested GrayLight on a Celeron with a decent graphics card, and she plays VERY well. I wish it played this well under 2.3. There are some more aspects to the code that I could scream at, but I'll recode it instead when I understand what's going on. 01 May 2006 - Uploaded GrayLight into the CVS, but SourceForge are having trouble with anonymous CVS at the moment, so you won't see it until they fix that all.

Also, I need some help to rewrite the configure layer. It's got too complicated for me to even understand what it's supposed to be doing, and it simply doesn't get later Intel/AMD chips correct when configuring the src_sound/ section of the code. Emerson looked in to this a while ago, but I can't remember what he did. I've also noted that occasionally the demo doesn't "do the right thing" and the player in the demo doesn't go to the right places, shoot the right droids, or end up safe.

I'm still coding, by the way. The nighthawk-2.3 tree has been importted into Eclipse (Great IDE, by the way) and I plan to import Gray Light in too. Look for more news about replacement sounds later.

01 June 2006 - I installed Solaris 10 (3/05) a little while ago, compiled up Night-Hawk, and corrected a function call to a more standard one. It runs, but there are some strange side effects, like the droid unexpectly dying, for a reason I can't work out yet. More later, when I find out more. Also, on a similar vein, I'm attempting to find out what I need to make the source code safe for FreeBSD, and NetBSD. One thought that had occurred to me was that I could possibly compile against the Cygwin X libraries, and have nighthawk running under Windows. Not sure how the sound would work though.

24 July 2007 - Wow. It has been a while. Since then, I've been through two iterations of Solaris and am now on Solaris 10 (6/06), and reinstalled NetBSD 3.0, where I've struck a weird bug. More news in the bugs section of the project, but suffice it to say than it doesn't want to display changing pictures on its own X server, though it's happy enough to show changing pictures on another X server on another machine, and also show changing pictures from another machine on its own X server. And something else - I completely forgot to make sure that the editor (ned) can even be compiled on other platforms, let alone run.

Further to that news is the news that I won't be able to compile (at least for the moment) using Sourceforge's compile farm, as it seems to have been taken down. Therefore I'll have to rely on what I have here (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, and Solaris). Dion has already got GrayLight compiled under OS X (x86), now we're working on autoconf in 2.3 to beat that back into shape.

27 September 2009 - Yup. Yet another long session of time. I am still looking for further help with getting packages done for OS X, and for the three BSDs. I managed to compile Night-Hawk 2.3 under OS X, now all I need is some way to produce a package. Still on the hunt for open-source sounds.

29 July 2011 - An even longer stretch of time since last time. Still, I'm around‐now all I have to is to see if this will work with some other project such as Stencyl. It seems that the Ubuntu project has handled the sounds problem merely by removing the sounds and server, just so the sounds don't get included. Once I get new sounds (that sound decent) for the project, I'll not have the problem. However, I still have to sort out the soundserver.


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